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Terms & Conditions

It's a wonderful approach to show your appreciation for our work to trust and book us. We have created a set of specific terms and conditions that we would both want to agree in order to process our project processes efficiently and offer the best results as promised in order to make the process more professional and produce the best outcomes.


Pending Dues/Part Payments are to be paid on time, in order to process the order.


Soft copies will be delivered post upon successful confirmation of Part Payments.


RAW Files and Data will not be published or delivered due to strict policy of our Copyright Infringement Rights. We request our clients not to ask RAW Files, we assure to deliver all the edited files in a well organised way.


We are completely in-house media production team, we don’t hire any freelancers or any amateur photographers or videographers, if anybody claiming that they are a part of/team of Infini Studios, Please don’t take it granted and do get in touch with us for any clarifications. We are strictly an in-house professional media production company. We sourced all the high end equipments and production setups fully in-house and full time staffs co-ordinating all the projects.


We request our clients to provide an accommodation and food to our team during the event. Accommodation is mandatory for our team in order to charge our equipments before and after the event and keep all our equipments safe during your event coverages.


Our work schedules are completely based on the hourly basis and post production works basis. If the shoot gets postponed (due to an emergency or due to natural calamities like Rainstorms), we request our clients to accept our terms on the change of dates and scheduling the shoot again. If the dates and time collides with the other shoot schedules of ours, we request our client to pay half of the said payment as an additional payment in order to execute the shoot.


Delivering the final deliverables which includes Albums and Photo frames are highly  concerned from our side. If client requests Home Delivery of all the final deliverables, Delivery Charges may Applicable additionally as actuals.


We trust and we feel proud to create a beautiful and everlasting memory of your event. Yet, On some unavoidable circumstances, Without intimating us, some clients are booking Two different Photography and Media Production Companies / Organisations for the same event while we have also got a confirmed bookings for the same event. We are strictly prohibiting and restricting this process and we are not allowing our creative teams and creative work patterns to get spoiled because of other random photography team clashing up our creativity in the event. If we get to know by any chance from the client or during the event, that any other photography or Other Media Production companies are working together in the same event, We are strictly avoiding the event and we will be withdrawing from our Media Coverage activities on the event date, and the advance payments will not be refunded at any circumstances. Kindly understand that, we are a creative and productive team of professionals working out creating a beautiful memories and we expect a professional approach from the client also. If any other additional media coverage services is required (for Bride/Groom family side), we will be arranging for our clients as per the requirements and co ordinating with our team for the easier workflows.


We always strive hard to protect our client’s photographs and videos and we make sure it won’t reach to wrong hands. Meanwhile, we are highly concerned on our team’s growth and reach among others. Due to which, we are mutually agreeing to post our best works happened on your event on our social media platforms and our website to gain our audience for our further growth. We request you to mutually agree to post our best works on your event on social media.


Album Corrections are made without any additional charges for the first time, any additional corrections after the first stage of corrections (after version 02) will be charged additionally of Rs.50/Sheet of Album/Storybook Design. We always recommend our beloved clients to provide all the necessary corrections all at one shot.


Any additional expenses (like additional media team required after the final package confirmation, additional travel conveyances apart from the estimated, additional album sheets apart from the mentioned packages)  incurred will be charged additionally as per the expenses happened. We request our client to consider the expenses and provide us the necessary payments in order to process the project in a smoother way.

Thank You,

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